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Frame Your Art

Want an inexpensive way to update the art in your home? Why not try some DIY projects?

Kimberley Seldon shows us three easy projects, including using Washi tape as a frame, a clever way to use up beautiful wallpaper scraps, and a stunning framed butterfly piece with supplies bought from the dollar store!

See how you can re-create these projects at home by watching this video.

Originally aired on Cityline.ca on May 20, 2014.

Choosing Wallpaper


With so many options, it’s hard to pick just one. Whether you’re aiming for bold pattern or subtle texture, interior designer Nyla Free has advice to help you choose the right wallpaper.

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Reality Check: Choosing Wallpaper

With so many options, it’s hard to pick just one. Whether you’re aiming for bold pattern or subtle texture, interior designer Nyla Freehas advice to help you choose the right wallpaper.

Step 1: What’s your Style?
Go beyond paint and introduce your walls to pattern, texture and colour. There is a wallpaper for every look, style and budget—from traditional to modern, casual to glamourous.

Photography by Lori Andrews

Photography by Lori Andrews


Step 2: Paper Type
Bathrooms love wallpaper. However in a wet environment, vinyl paper is recommended. Textured papers such as grasscloth, hemp or flocked are ideal for slightly imperfect walls.Papers with a foil or shiny surface will highlight flaws, so use on the smoothest surfaces only.

Step 3: Consider Scale
Evaluate the size of room and choose a pattern to complement the space. A large scale pattern with bold colour may overpower a small space such as a powder room, while a neutral, mini print is lost in a large room.

Step 4: Order Samples
As with paint colours, it’s important to view samples on site during the selection process. Gently adhere a 24″ x 24″ sample to the wall in order to get a true sense of its look and feel.

Photography by Lori Andrews

Photography by Lori Andrews


Step 5: Single or Double?
Wallpaper is typically priced as a single roll but sometimes sold in single or double rolls, an important detail to note prior to ordering. Single rolls cover an area of approximately 25 square feet whereas double rolls cover close to 58 square feet.

Step 6: Take Down
Gone are the days when painting over wallpaper was easier than removing it. Papers are far easier to remove than they once were.

Step 7: Roll Over
Let your passion for paper go beyond a straight wall. Why not paper the lower portion of a wall, say 42″high, and add a chair rail? Or, combine two patterns by using one on the ceiling.

Photography by Lori Andrews

Photography by Lori Andrews


Step 8: Quick Estimate
To calculate requirements (though always rely on a professional before ordering) add the length (in feet) of every wall to be covered in paper (include window and door openings) and multiply this number by the height of the ceilings. Divide the total by 25, the typical square foot coverage of a single roll, and you’ll have the quantity of single rolls needed. Pattern matching or unusual circumstances are not considered here so having your installer provide an accurate quote is recommended.

Step 9: How it Seams
Seams are inevitable when working with wallpaper, but a professional installer will hide most of them. Grasscloth is difficult to seam match, so prepare clients for the inevitable “artisan irregularities.” Patterns require careful matching and therefore use greater yardages of paper.

Step 10: Admire the Results
Congratulate yourself on choosing such a stylish finish for your walls. No doubt, with furniture installed, you’ll be able to admire the dramatic difference wallpaper makes to the finished space.


Ottawa’s Top 5 Design Spots

“Subtly sophisticated is the best way to describe Ottawa’s unique mix of gothic architecture, slick condos and trendy neighbourhoods,” says Mary Taggart, the editor of Ottawa at Home magazine.

The design scene is equally eclectic. Shoppers can expect an intimate experience while perusing the city’s best boutiques for seasonal accessories and furniture finds.


1. Details Home Apparel offers complete design services in addition to showcasing an excellent selection of custom furnishings, carpets and wallpaper. During the holiday season shop for decorative tableware and seasonally inspired décor items.

2. You’ll find Mikaza Home’s flagship store just across the Ottawa River in neighbouring Quebec. They also have a smaller shop on Bank St. in Old Ottawa South. For moderately priced contemporary furniture and a good selection of trendy accessories, check out Suede Contemporary Interiors, in the chic village of Westboro.

3. Shoppers with sophisticated tastes will love Champagne dit Lambert in Old Ottawa South. The owners have a refined vision for silverware and high quality furnishings. If vintage finds inspire you then head over to Architectural Antique Warehouse in the Lebreton Flats area. You’re likely to find a silver brush and comb set alongside of a neon bar sign custom made by Signs Calgary. The goods range from modern to retro-quirky.


ABOVE: Ottawa at Home magazine editor Mary Taggart does some early shopping at Enchanted Florist in Deer Park Texas.

4. Tivoli Florists is an ideal stop en route to dinner with friends. This popular boutique takes holiday décor very seriously. Further down the road, in the village of Wellington West, find Thyme & Again Creative Catering. With a reputation for high-end Indus Catering and gourmet take-out their storefront is a festive mix of delights.

5. In the east end of town you’ll find Jacobsons, the perfect spot for a hostess gift. It’s also the ultimate drop-in for foodies. Warning: you may have trouble leaving without making at least a couple purchases.



How to Properly Use Painter’s Tape


A great paint job begins with solid preparation. Proper masking technique for paint protection is key to achieving sharp, clear paint lines that will make any project have professional results. The following steps will help you prepare for almost any paint project.


* Ensure you’re using the best tape for the job.
* Remove wall hangings (pictures, nails, fixtures) and fill nail holes.
* Use sandpaper to smooth the wall.
* The surface should be clean, dry and dust free before you begin painting.
Surface Types:To help ensure clean, damage-free removal, your tape’s adhesion level should match the type of surface you are planning to mask.
* Delicate surfaces like wallpaper and fresh paint call for ScotchBlue(tm) Painter’s Tape Advanced Delicate Surface with Edge-Lock(tm) Protector.
* Masking light to medium textured surfaces is the job for ScotchBlue(tm) Painter’s Tape Advanced Multi-Surface with Edge-Lock(tm) Protector.
* For best results on heavily-textured surfaces, use ScotchBlue(tm) Painter’s Tape Original Multi-Surface or ScotchBlue(tm) Painter’s Tape Advanced Multi-Surface with Edge-Lock(tm) Protector.
Using Painter’s Tape:

* When you’re ready to mask, pull tape off the roll a few feet at a time.
* Apply tape to the surface, pressing down the edges as you go.
* Secure the tape to smooth surfaces by pressing the edges down with a putty knife or 5-in-1 tool. Don’t use these tools on medium or heavy textures, as they can tear the tape.
* To further seal against seepage and paint bleeds, use your brush to paint a little of your basecoat color along the tape edge.
Removing Painter’s Tape:* Remove tape at a 45 ° angle, using a moderate speed.
* For best results, pull the tape back on itself. If adhesive sticks to the surface, try a 90 ° angle.
* If paint starts to lift, use a sharp tool to cut (or score) along the painted tape edge.
When to Remove Painter’s Tape:* Advanced Multi-Surface with Edge-Lock(tm) Protector: 14-day clean removal
* Advanced Delicate Surface with Edge-Lock(tm) Protector: 60-day clean removal
* Original Multi-Surface: 14-day clean removalFor more information, visit: ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape.

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Everything’s Coming Up Roses and Butterflies


If you’re a believer that bigger is better, than you’re going to love these fabulous wallpapers from Phyllis Morris’ Circa Collection in Los Angeles. They are designed by the owner, Jamie Adler, and are truly unique. They are not for the feint of heart when it comes to interior design; the impact they have on a room is truly amazing.

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The first pattern I fell in love with is called ‘Hollywood Garden.’ It has large, beautiful roses superimposed over a gate-like background that is truly stunning. The roses look as if they’re floating on the walls.

The other wallpaper I adore is called ‘Jamie Adler Butterflies’ and it is chock-a-full of the most beautiful monarchs you will ever lay your eyes on. The background comes in either silver or gold, which adds a bit of a retro 70’s touch to the design.

This piece was written by Interior Designer and guest blogger Gail Shields-Miller. To read more from Gail, visit Dezignlicious

Catching some zzzs with Lori Andrews


Lori Andrews blissfully lulls you to sleep with her use of the muted grey patterned wallpaper in the bedroom. All you need to do is close your eyes and enjoy your slumber.

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Lori keeps it artsy yet functional by flawlessly injecting pizzazz to white walls. She completes the look by sparingly adding bold accessories and using large artwork. The use of differing sizes of accessories makes this space seem larger than life.

To see more of Lori’s work, visit Issue 2: May/Jun’11.

Take 3: Vanity Insanity

At first blush, a vanity table may seem like an outmoded, though elegant, means of dressing—something your grandma used. If you’re tired of leaning over the bathroom sink for a view of your face, retrieving your makeup brush from the wet bowl and leaving the house with a toothpaste stripe across your abdomen, it may be time to reconsider the ease of a dressing table. Dabble’s in-house design team offers three stylish solutions to make your morning makeup application anything but routine.

Photography by Simon Burn


Formal Evening Wear
How civilized to find a seat in front of a large gracious mirror, with everything you need for beauty close at hand. In combination with the Mica Shell wallpaper the handsome walnut wood bench, upholstered in a woven brown raffia, has just enough shimmer to make the setting sizzle. The brown glass vase holds spring tulips and a woven tray corrals grooming essentials.

Photography by Simon Burn


Turkish Delight
Global influences abound with this ornate mother of pearl Turkish style mirror and leather clad British colonial style chair. The bronze Hindu hand keeps long necklaces tangle free and adds a sculptural element to the practical setting.

Design Tip: Found objects, such as the Hindu hand sculpture, are an ideal display for jewellery.

Photography by Simon Burn

Photography by Simon Burn


Casual Dress Code
A comfy poof or ottoman, provided it’s the right height, makes an efficient perch for makeup application and the small magnifying mirror is a great assistant. The silver tray complements the chrome studding on the seat.