Modern History

  • Sunlight fills the entry, throwing light onto stone walls likely more than 400 years old.
  • A series of glass paneled doors greets the entry and closes to offer privacy (when combined with blackout shades) in the master bedroom.
  • The building’s shell is composed of a combination of pottery and beach sand. The bisque and terracotta colours create natural warmth in the coved dining room.
  • The architects created distinct viewpoints in each of the rooms, often providing a glimpse into adjacent spaces. The organic shaped coffee tables and rustic woven rug support a mandate to use natural, raw materials.
  • The Mediterranean Sea is reflected in a mirror that brings light into the spare living space. The cable strung staircase rises gracefully to the master bedroom above.
  • The galley kitchen efficiently carves utilitarian space into the home and provides those in residence with an expansive view of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Sleeping quarters are stacked above the living room, where they enjoy full ocean views.

Set above the harbor, facing the majestic Mediterranean Sea in Old Jaffa, is an ancient structure given new life by the thoughtful architects hired to restore its integrity.

Though it’s difficult to determine the structure’s exact age, it is clear that it is hundreds of years old. Over time, changes and additions had damaged the original integrity of the dwelling. The central ideal, therefore, was to restore the original characteristics—the stone walls, the segmented ceilings and the arches—to peel back and expose the original state.

The language of minimalism embedded in a historic residence in Old Jaffa.

“Surprisingly modern, minimalistic construction styles (especially ancient ones) allow us to create new spaces that blend periods together—even intensify them because of the contrast and tension between the ages.” ~ Pitsou

The historical is expressed by preserving the textures and materials of the building’s outer shell and by respecting the engineering accordingly.

The modern is expressed by opening spaces and altering the internal flow, and by incorporating natural materials such as stainless steel banding, iron and wood.

Pistou’s project succeeds in both honoring and preserving the historical and romantic values of the structure while creating a contemporary project suited to today’s lifestyle.

Designed by Pitsou Kedem, Raz Melamed & Irene Goldberg

Photography by Amit Geron

Kitchen Chic with Erinn Valencich


Erinn Valencich creates an air of whimsy with the placement of minty green chairs in an ultra modern kitchen. The gentle pastel hue complements the smoothness of the stainless steel appliances. It makes waking up at 6:00 am not so bad.

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One of the focal points of the kitchen is the stunningly beautiful stainless steel refrigerator, but we like the baby blue backsplash too. It lightens up the kitchen but doesn’t take away from the beautiful craftsmanship of the cabinetry.

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What we love about Sophie Paterson

  • In this London bedroom, she strikes a casual pose against grass cloth covered walls, stopping for a brief moment to ensure all details are perfect.
  • “Investing in classic furniture shapes such as the Parsons inspired console table,” says Sophie, “offers my clients the greatest flexibility; allowing for inevitable lifestyle changes.”
  • Strong shapes are a Sophie Paterson signature, as evidenced by the tailored walnut-clad kitchen. The stainless steel range hood nearly disappears into the mirrored backsplash, a choice that amplifies available sunlight from an adjacent window. The cantilevered shelves keep cooking herbs close at hand without cluttering countertop surfaces.
  • Flattering light is critical to a project’s ultimate success. Table lamps provide low level lighting and an intimate glow, ideal for conversation areas and bedrooms.

Like any great designer, Sophie Paterson’s talents are chameleon, changing shape to reflect each client’s specific needs and style.

For more information about Sophie, visit:

Words by Sharon Laxon and Yvonne Vanderkooy.