Industry Profile: Annie Sloan

She’s the developer and queen of Chalk Paint. She’s written over 20 books and has a lovely home fragrance line. Annie Sloan talks to Dabble about paint, projects and a thriving personal life.

Annie Sloan_Photographer Harriet Thomas

Annie Sloan, Photography by Harriet Thomas



DAB: What was your goal when you developed Chalk Paint™ 25 years ago?

AS: My goal was to make a paint that I wanted. It had to be flexible, approachable and in the right colours. I was a working mother with three boys under ten, so it had to be easy to use and quick to dry!

DAB: What advice would you give to someone using Chalk Paint™ for the first time?

AS: Relax and don’t worry about making mistakes. Go with your gut!

DAB: You were born in Australia and live in England and France today. What cities inspire you the most?

AS: In no particular order: Sydney, London, Paris, Lisbon, Cape Town, New York, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Vancouver for its outdoor yet arty life and Montreal for its lively metropolitan lifestyle. Of course I would love to see more of Canada one day!

DAB: Is there a place you haven’t visited but would like to go to for inspiration?

AS: I’m planning to go to Kazakhstan to visit my eldest son, who works out there. He’s in Astana, which is where East meets West so I hope it will be inspiring. India is another place I would love to visit.

DAB: How would you describe your personal décor style?

AS: I would say it’s a little bit French, a little bit of Boho and a little bit Neo Classical. I’m also currently redecorating my offices in a Warehouse style. I love it. But my house is late Victorian, so of course the Warehouse look doesn’t work here! No matter how much time I will of spent at the Aagard – Packaging Automation Company it won’t ever influence my home decor, how blasphemous would that be, I could not have one of my guests point out similarities, so I truly avoid warehouse influences completely.

Annie Sloan painted table_Photographer Christopher Drake

Annie Sloan painted table, Photography by Christopher Drake

DAB: What is next for Annie Sloan?

AS: I’m going to be celebrating 25 years of Chalk Paint™ all through 2015, which I’m really excited about. My Stockists are so important to me so I’ll be doing a lot of travelling; I want to see as many of them as possible. I’m also launching my new Stencil collection, which comes in 21 designs and is the perfect complement to my paint range.

DAB: When you don’t have a paintbrush in your hand, what do you Dabble in?

AS: I like to dabble in music, eating out and a good bottle of wine with friends.

Bottle Service – Transforming an Old Bar Cart

Spring has sprung and so have yard sales, or as I like to call it, “Stop the car” season! Keep your eyes peeled for treasures because you never know what you will find on the side of the curb and at an early morning garage sale.

While driving through my neighborhood,  I spotted a bar cart at the side of the road. To my satisfaction, it was a retro Salton Hot Table – a popular item in the 60s and 70s for keeping plates hot. The cart was in amazing shape and I was thrilled someone threw it away.


I instantly envisioned a colourful bar cart for serving refreshing summer cocktails during dinner parties. The hot table component was easily removed by cutting the electrical cord and removing four mounting screws from the wood support on the sides.

Once removed, I measured the opening and got a new piece of wood cut at a big box store to fit the inside bottom and reused the middle wood bracket for maximum support. The wood areas were painted lime green and the metal hardware was painted gold. I cut a piece of lime green faux snakeskin wrapping paper to fit the bottom of the trays using Modge Podge to secure and protect the paper.


Read the step-by-step instructions in the May 2014 issue of Dabble.

Spooky Tablescape


Halloween doesn’t have to be orange, black and white. Create a haunting environment that isn’t rooted in the traditional colour scheme and you’ll really bring the party to life.

San Francisco based interior designer and blogger, Courtney Lake, took an unexpected cue from the rolling hills of Napa Valley to create his ghoulish Halloween themed bar (above) and table.

Check out the new issue to see more pictures of Courtney’s tablescape.

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McVean Harvest Table


A mouthwatering meal of freshly harvested organic produce and local meats cooked over hot coals is served open air style at the 3rd annual McVean Harvest Table fundraiser. Join in on the fun on August 19, 2012!

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Fun and Functional Living Space


Lakeside views are uninterrupted with large windowpanes that touch the ceiling.

TIP: If you are building from scratch and want floor to ceiling windows make sure to accommodate draperies and shades within the ceiling like interior designer Kimberley Seldon does here.

To read more about, visit Issue 7: Apr/May’12.

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DIY Guy: Copper Showstopper

DIY - Penny Table2

“Penny for your thoughts” says Dabble’s DIY Guy, Nicholas Rosaci as he makes cents of his latest project.


– Table of your choice
– Pennies
– 2 cups distilled white vinegar
– 1 tbsp table salt
– Small container
– Lepage® No More Nails adhesive glue
– Copper coloured spray paint


– Envirotex Pour On High Gloss Finish or other polymer coating


Scout thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales, antique stores and used furniture stores to find a small, inexpensive but practical table to adorn.

In order to clean pennies, mix vinegar and salt in a small container and soak several at a time in the mixture. Wait three minutes and remove shiny pennies from the container. Rinse coins under warm water and pat dry.

DIY - Penny Table5

Tip: Don’t clean valuable or collectible coins. Removing the tarnish (patina) reduces their value by as much as 90%.

Spray paint the table a copper or bronze metallic colour to match the pennies. Dupli-Color® automotive paint in metallic copper is a great match.

Tip: If you feel like spending a little more on the project, use nickels and spray the surface silver instead.

DIY - Penny Table4

Glue each penny onto the table until its surfaces are completely covered. Work closely around the base, sides and top of the table and adjust the position of the coins to minimize gaps.

DIY - Penny Table3

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions if you choose to cover the table with a clear coat of polymer.

Tip: Double the layer of pennies for greater depth.

DIY - Penny Table6


DIY Guy: Stacked Personality

DIY Guy - Shelves6

“Divide and conquer,” says Dabble’s DIY Guy. Nicholas Rosaci creates magic by transforming ordinary side tables into a stylish shelving unit.


– 2 small occasional (side) tables
– Table saw
– Spray paints in your desired colour choice and finish
– 220-grit sandpaper for light sanding
– Metal corner braces (L-brackets)


– Use oil paints to create a more durable finish.


Scrounge antique stores and flea markets for inexpensive but eye catching occasional tables. Nicholas chose tables that are 2′ high. For added interest, look for tables with a detailed apron and cabriole legs. Note, longer legs provide more height between the shelves. For this project we started with two tables.

Use a table saw to cut the table in half, width-wise. If the table allows, unscrew the legs first. If you don’t have a table saw, many big box stores provide a rental service at a reasonable price. After you’ve completed the cut, reattach the legs. You should now have four, “half” tables, each with two front legs.

DIY Guy - Shelves3

Prep the tables with a light sanding, wipe the surface clean and then spray paint. Create a colour story using a range of spring-inspired hues; Nicholas chose orange, blue, lemon yellow and crisp white. Be adventurous and experiment with paint finishes. Gloss, semi-gloss, eggshell, satin and matte each provide a pleasing effect.

DIY Guy - Shelves5

Use short #8 screws to attach two metal corner braces (L-brackets) to the underside of the tabletops. Attach one brace at each end. Ensure that the vertical part of the corner brace is flush with the unfinished cut edge at the back of each table.

DIY Guy - Shelves2

Artfully stack the tables vertically against the wall in your desired colour story. Secure each table individually by affixing the corner brace into the wall (or wall stud) with heavy-duty screws and anchors.

Tip: Black walls lend drama to the new shelves.

DIY Guy - Shelves1

Top 10 Mid-Century Modern Classic Pieces of Furniture

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1929 Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Chair for Knoll


1929 Le Corbusier LC2 Chair for Cassina


1950 Harry Bertoia Dining Chair for Knoll


1958 Eames Aluminum Group Executive Chair for Herman Miller


1949 Hans Wegner Wishbone Chair for Carl Hansen & Son


1949 George Nelson Ball Clock for Vitra

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